The Treasury serves several purposes in the Stake Protocol ecosystem.

Primarily its purpose is to continue to grow the protocol, while protecting the price.

There are 3 main components to the Treasury:

  • Reserve - 45% of Treasury Funds

  • Floor Price Protection/POL Building - 27%

  • Marketing/Development - 27%

Please understand that the Reserve will take between 4-8 weeks to be properly set up and collect enough funds to be effective. We will make the community aware of any updates to the reserve as they happen.


The reserve's primary goal is to increase the profitibilty of the protocol as a whole so that we may increase not only long term sustainability, but further expansion in the space.

Funds send to the reserve will be used to farm, stake in pools, and invest in early stage projects. The funds gained from the Reserve will be used to further fund the treasury as a whole, creating a feedback loop of further growth and protection.

Floor Price Protection

Funds will begin to be captured and collected at launch as the protocol begins to go to work. Once things settle in approximately 4-8 weeks, we will announce the methodology and handling of the floor price protection, the value of the floor price, and any updates. Floor price is established by looking at the FPP value vs the value of circulating tokens. As the FPP builds, and more tokens are staked in faucet, the true floor price will emerge.

From there we will deploy a smart contract to automatically buy back and burn $STAKE to protect the floor price.


These funds will be used to further the marketing and technical aspects of the protocol. See Beyond for upcoming plans


Team will be paid weekly by fees collected. This will be in either BUSD or $STAKE depending on the volume of DEX vs POL.

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