Stake Protocol


Additional 2% daily
Stake Protocol introduces high frequency positive rebase system every 30 minutes for up to 137,640.83% APY (2% Daily), on top of the core faucet return daily of 1% Daily for 365 days, for a total of up to 3% daily!
Good to know: Just holding $STAKE won't reward you with a rebase, you'll need to stake in the faucet to receive all rewards.
On top of faucet rewards, for which you receive 1% daily returns everyday for 365 days, you additionally you earn a high frequency positive rebase every half hour for an 137,640.83% APY (2% Daily) on your total staked funds, called Gross Faucet Value (GFV).
Rewards, both on faucet and rebase, can be claimed at any time.
Unlike other protocols, rebasing doesn't expand supply every 30 minutes, but instead utilizes the NERD to asses the reward pool liability and only mints new tokens as needed keeping the supply as low as possible.
To keep the system sustainable and fair, we use a system of tracking both Gross and Net deposits and claims.

Net Deposits (ND), Gross Claims (GC), Net Faucet Value (NFV), Gross Faucet Value (GFV)

Net Faucet Value (NFV) earns 1% = (Deposits + Airdrops + Compounds )
Gross Faucet Value (GFV) earns an additional 2%= Net Faucet Value+ Rebase Compounds
Gross Claimed (GC )= Total of all Claimed Tokens (both faucet and rebase).
Net Deposits (ND) = NFV(Deposits + Airdrops + Compounds ) - Gross Claims
Don't forget to always keep an eye on your NERD. Rebase rewards can be reduced, and even deplete your GFV if you engage in less than desirable dumping. Note that depositing into your faucet will automatically compound any pending rewards on both NFV and GVF.