V2 Changes

Here is a list of all v2 changes in no particular order.

133% Claiming Rule:

  • v1 had a max claim amount of 133% of your NFV total, due to the fact if you claimed more than this amount at one time, your nerd would go completely negative, rendering your rebase rewards at 0. However this is only the case if your NERD is at 100%. v2 Takes into account the fact that nerds are rarely at 100%, meaning you max claim is dependant on your NERD. Example, if your NERD is at 90%, you can only claim 123% of your NFV as claiming anything above that will reduce your rebase rewards to 0.

Wallet Reset Fees

  • Wallet reset fees have been lowered, and the 6 reset restriction has been lifted. See Fees for more.

Over 3%

  • We have now incentivized Team Leader Levels by giving them more benefits, including faster rebase rewards, higher capped payouts, and more. See Referrals for more.


  • You can now boost your levels to increse your rewards by both level and time. You can even airdrop boosts to your teams as further incentives, and save on boost cost the more STAKE you airdrop with your boost! See Boosts for more.

Max Sell

  • We have implemented a max sell of 500 STAKE in a 24 hour period.


  • Instead of locking STAKE in the vault, a deposit into the faucet creates a burn, and a claim creates a mint. This lowers the supply of STAKE significatly and the more STAKE locked up, means the lower the supply.

POL Only

  • One of the main reasons v2 was required was the revenue lost to Dexs. In order to beging rebuilding STAKE to its original vision, we needed to commit to POL swaps only. See POL for more.

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