Stake Protocol


Protocol Owned Liquidity
For high yield protocols, Protocol owned liquidity is a crucial part in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.
Due to our raise on Pinksale, 51% of the funds raised will go to PancakeSwap Liquidity, and we will be locking a portion up in our own POL.
One of the benefits of POL is it allows us to properly distribute fees accordingly in without first having to swap $STAKE for BNB before sending to liquidity, reserve, etc.
We encourage and incentivize swaps from our website using the POL.
Any buys though the POL will pay only a 3% fee as opposed to a 13% fee on PCS.
Sells will universally be charged a 18% fee, however the POL allows us to receive the fee in BNB as needed without having to swap $STAKE so it just always a good idea to use POL.
User can add to the POL and stake liquidity by adding BNB only. There is a 10% fee for adding and withdrawing liquidity which is shared with liquidity stakers.
For helping build liquidity, users will be able to share in 2% of the daily fees proportional to their share of liquidity.