Important Terms

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Please note all terms used in this document are subject to change in order to make the protocol more accessible for the average user to understand.

Net Deposits (ND), Gross Claims (GC), Net Faucet Value (NFV), Gross Faucet Value (GFV)

Net Faucet Value earns 1%

NFV=(deposits+airdrops+compounds)NFV = (deposits + airdrops + compounds)

Gross Faucet Value (GFV) earns up to an additional 2%

GFV=NFV+RebaseCompoundsGFV = NFV + Rebase Compounds

Gross Claimed (GC) Total claimed tokens (both faucet and rebase). GC=faucetClaims+rebaseClaimsGC = faucetClaims + rebaseClaims

Net Deposits(ND), difference between NFV and GC.


Max Payout

Capped Payout— GC + Total Available Rewards= 10% of Total Supply.

Max Payout —NFV (Deposits + Airdrops + Compounds)*365%.

Once you reach either Capped Payout, or Max Payout, you have completed receiving all rewards. Remember compounding your NFV always extends your Max Payout

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