Keeping it going

In the above scenario, we had a NFV of $1,020.10, and a GFV of $1,060.70.

Let’s assume on day 3, you claimed rewards to take profit. Nothing wrong with that, so let’s break it down.

You earn $10.20 from the faucet, and $21.21 from rebase. Assuming you claim the full $31.41, your GC would be $51.51 (remember compounds count as a claim but do not negatively impact your ND). This means you have compounded 20.10 from NFV, meaning ND is $1,020.10, but have now claimed $31.41, which brings your ND down to $988.69. Still very Positive. You could do this daily for another 19 days, or, you could do the smart thing and continue to compound and build up your ND.

The more you compound now, the more you can claim later with no worries, however, once your ND goes goes below zero, the NERD kicks in and your rebase rewards decline.

Rebase rewards go from 100% to zero in a decline of negative 33% of your NFV. If you continue to dump past negative 33%, your GFV will be reduced, until it becomes even with your NFV (NFV is your floor and you will never go lower). You will receive your 1% daily at this point, however you will need to build your ND back into positive territory to begin rebase rewards, so you can start to rebuild your GFV. Note that depositing into your faucet will automatically compound any pending rewards on both NFV and GVF.

NERD protocol, combined with other existing features is how we maintain sustainability where others have failed.

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