Building teams through referrals.

One of the best ways to grow a protocol like this is through the use of referrals and team building. We've looked at, and borrowed methodology from other existing protocols in the space, and added a few twists of our own.

To participate, add an address of a friend or team leader to get started, and deposit a minimum of 10 $STAKE. Every referral you sign up you will now get a 10% bonus on deposits and compounds every time from that user. If you sign up under a team leader, someone who has 5 direct referrals, you will also earn an additional 2.5% back on your own deposits/compounds.

Additionally, after seeing it's success in other projects, we're utilizing the round robin system in which deposit bonuses will be paid a 10% bonus (after tax), for deposits and compounds, of up to 15 levels from the your downline depending on how many $FLAME you hold in your wallet. If it is a players turn to receive a reward, and they don't hold enough $FLAME, or their NERD is negative, the turn will skip them and land on the next qualified person above.

Please note to receive deposit bonuses from your downline, you must hold $FLAME in your wallet AND your NERD cannot be negative.

In addition to an awesome team building referral systems, a portion of referrals go to seed the lottery everyday. As the round robins deposits move up line, once they hit the dev wallet, the referral bonus will be seeded to the lottery before the rounds starts back over. This system will dramatically increase the lottery bankroll and burn rate daily!

In the case you have chosen a team leader that is not living up to your standards, you are allowed to change your team once. This will require a fee of either 10% of all bonuses/airdrops received, or 50 $STAKE, whichever is less. This fee will go directly to the rewards pool.

Please note that switching teams does involve sacrificing your current downline so be sure you are certian you want to switch.

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