Private Sale Help

Help in case you haven't been able to claim your tokens from private sale UI

We understand the site has had issues with claiming private funds. For those with funds still unclaimed please follow the following steps:

Go to BSC Scan

Follow this link to the presale contract address in BSC SCAN

Connect wallet to BSC page

  1. Scroll down (if on mobile) until you see the Contracts tab

  2. Click the Contracts Tab

  3. Click on the WRITE button

  4. Click Connect to Web3

    • Select your prefered way to connect

    • If using TrustWallet select Wallet Connect

    • A warning will appear letting you know this is still a beta integration. So far, this works so you can click OK

    • It should look something like this:

Claim Tokens

Now that you are properly connected to BSC scan. Scroll a bit further down until you see the claimTokens function.

  • Click WRITE.

  • The transaction will request your approval.

  • Wait for transaction to process.

PRESTO, you've got your $STAKE now!

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