We’re very excited to be announcing the launch of Stake Protocol, a new and very unique evolution DeFi

Our Vision

We aim to make Stake Protocol the most sustainable High Yield DeFi protocol in the space.

Stake Protocol introduces high frequency positive rebase system every 30 minutes for up to 137,640.83% APY (2% Daily), on top of the core faucet return daily of 1% Daily for 365 days, for a total of up to 3% daily! NOW WITH V2, YOU CAN EARN OVER 3% DAILY BASED ON YOUR LEVEL, NERD, AND BOOSTS!

However, we manage this is a way that is more sustainable that existing protocols.

By analyzing some of the biggest Defi protocols, we’ve identified key aspects that made these protocols successful, while also identifying unique potential to the long term sustainability of the projects. What we see is an opportunity to maximize sustainability for long term growth, while adding

High yield reward protocols aspire to be bulletproof, but due to human nature, at some point early investors will inevitably dump into incoming buys from new investors. This not only forces the price down, but it discourages new investors from entering the system at all, and the price continues its downtrend.

Stake Protocol utilizes key aspects from succesful protocols, including transaction fees*, daily faucet, high frequency positive rebase, treasury farming, reservoir/liquidity building, price floor protection, team based referral program with airdrops, whale tax, capped returns, and frequent burns.

However where Stake excels is by introducing a protocol called a Net Elastic Rebase Depletion (NERD). In short it creates a system by where those who abuse the ecosystem by constantly dumping actually result in a net positive for the community and ensure a smooth flow of returns for new and early investors alike.

*See the Fees section for all fees.

Our Values

All projects strive for these, but in these current market conditions traditioanl DeFi projects are falling apart. Here is how our values guide us.


Sustainability is the number one priority at Stake Protocol. At the core of our product is the Net Elastic Rebase Depletion (NERD) protocol that drives our sustainability.

High Yield

We do believe that with the right structure, high yield DeFi can and does work.

Team Driven

Not only our core team, but building teams through referrals is crucial in the long term growth of the project.

Multiple Use Cases

Use cases are the key to success in any project. In additioan to our team referrals, we are launching one of the best lotteries in DeFi shorlty after launch. This, followed by plans for a DEX and more make Stake Protocol one of the most promising projects in DeFi at the moment.

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